Reg Nicholson

Albert Einstein, the world-famous scientist and inventor, was on a train in the United States.  When the conductor came to his seat, Einstein was unable to find his ticket. He […]

One of the difficulties with reading an old version of the Bible – or any old document – is that words often change their meaning. A wonderful example of how […]

If you are both a parent and a church leader, as I am, you should be feeling quite sick over this: the news that hundreds of Roman Catholic priests sexually […]

If we think of her at all, most people imagine her as being gentle and easily led.  In actual fact, Florence Nightingale was of sturdy stuff. She was sixteen the […]

“I dislike rituals,”  a visiting Protestant minister once said to me.  “I really do.  Always have done.” “I wish I’d known that,” I answered. “Then I wouldn’t have shaken your […]

William Temple was one of the greatest Archbishops of Canterbury in my lifetime. On one occasion he wrote: “It is a mistake to think that God is chiefly—or even mainly—interested […]

Six words to change the world

Whenever anyone suggests curtailing guns in America in order to reduce the awful shootings in America, the answer from the gun lobby is that the law can’t be changed, because […]

Whenever a disease or plague spreads, there are always                superstitious people who claim it as a punishment sent by God. It happened in the Middle East over many centuries, whenever […]