Reg Nicholson

“I dislike rituals,”  a visiting Protestant minister once said to me.  “I really do.  Always have done.” “I wish I’d known that,” I answered. “Then I wouldn’t have shaken your […]

William Temple was one of the greatest Archbishops of Canterbury in my lifetime. On one occasion he wrote: “It is a mistake to think that God is chiefly—or even mainly—interested […]

Six words to change the world

Whenever anyone suggests curtailing guns in America in order to reduce the awful shootings in America, the answer from the gun lobby is that the law can’t be changed, because […]

Whenever a disease or plague spreads, there are always                superstitious people who claim it as a punishment sent by God. It happened in the Middle East over many centuries, whenever […]

A remarkable story featured recently in the Washington Post. It told of a baby in Texas who had been born twice. A woman named Margaret Boemer was having difficulty with […]

Some years ago an American journal published an article by a doctor on the “Stages of Ageing.”  In it he described a case-study he presented to his students when teaching […]

Have you been touched by an angel? More people have been affected by angels than they realise. I once knew a priest who said he never preached about the angels […]

When Henry James, the famous American author, was saying goodbye to a nephew, he said something the young boy never forgot. What he said was this: “There are three things that […]