How to get to Heaven

I know of only two ways of getting into Heaven.

The first is to be perfect.  Sadly, I don’t know anyone to whom that word applies.

When we come to bury a loved one, we thank God for the person’s good points. Yet deep down, we would admit the person was not perfect. Every one of us has committed some sins.

So if being perfect is one way of entering Heaven, what is the second way? The second way of getting into Heaven is for God to help us in.

In other words, we ask God to save us, even though we don’t deserve it.  The only right we have to ask this, is because we know God loves us, and God’s grace is amazing.

When I was young, I remember reading of some famous writer’s idea of heaven. The writer imagined a long procession with the Queen in front. Then would come the Archbishop of Canterbury, then after him, all the other bishops and clergy. And than, after all the clergy, would come the ordinary Christians.

Today, that imaginary picture only amuses me. I no longer believe that the Queen—or the archbishops, bishops, priests—will in any way be at the head of the queue. The clergy, like the Archbishop of Canterbury and all the other bishops and priests, won’t have any advantages, it seems to me.

I remember a story about a vicar’s wife once being asked a question about the afterlife. She was asked that when she died, would she like to be with her husband?

She replied, “No thanks, I’d sooner be in Heaven.”

We smile at that, as we smile at so many things about the afterlife. We joke and smile, because we feel uncertain.  But there are some things regarding the afterlife about which we can feel certain.

We can be certain that Jesus is there. We can be certain that all who have called upon the name of the Lord will have been saved. We can be certain that God doesn’t judge us on the status we have, the things we have accumulated, or the positions we hold.

God judges us on whether or not we are willing to receive his help—God’s amazing grace.


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