On being touched by an angel

Have you been touched by an angel? More people have been affected by angels than they realise.

I once knew a priest who said he never preached about the angels simply because he could not remember ever coming in touch with one.

To me, that seemed a great pity. How could you inspire people with the truths of the Bible if you yourself have not come face-to-face with one of the greatest truths contained in Holy Scripture?

Certainly angels are mentioned aplenty in holy writ.

And not only in Christian writings, either.

Jewish writings have constant references to the angels. And so do Muslim writings.

In fact, angels are mentioned in practically all religious traditions.

Angels are spiritual beings who give assistance to God. They are messengers. Sometimes people come into our lives to enable us to act for God when they bring words of comfort or enable us to act in an other-worldly manner.

There have been a number of occasions when I have experienced angels in my life, bringing messages from God and even saving me from danger, and I have recorded some of them in an autobiography which now rests with a printer.

We are not alone in this vast universe, but are surrounded by beings of light who are anxious to assist us.

In his autobiography, the famous singer Tito Gobbi related an occasion when he was driving up a mountain with a precipice alongside when he suddenly heard the voice of his dead brother, Bruno, telling him to “Stop at once.”

He stopped, and moments later an articulated truck whose brakes has failed careered down the road towards him.

If he had not stopped, he believed, he “would have been swept away to my death at the corner.”

This week the worldwide Church draws attention to St Michael and the Angels.

In the olden days, September 29 was known as Michaelmas, and honour was paid to this great saint and to all God’s messengers