Our God loves variety. We can see this in the galaxies of all different sorts. Even on this planet there is an amazing variety of animal species. Different kinds of […]

One of the world’s biggest hoaxers was Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Poges, who was born   in   Marseilles, France, in 1854. After a period of writing pornography, followed by making a […]

Religion should make us humble. Unfortunately, religion sometimes has the opposite effect. It can make people arrogant. It can lead people to think they know all the answers. Many years […]

I have long been intrigued at the possibility of people having power without any accompanying need for responsibility. The thought occurred to me when I saw a lot of graffiti […]

 The recent terrible conflagrations in three countries—NZ, Australia, and the USA—have reminded us of the awful power of fire.  Perhaps the best-known and most destructive  fire in history was in […]

Does God want each of us to get more sleep? Last year, sleep deprivation was declared a public health problem in America, with 30 percent of adults getting fewer than […]