Does God want each of us to get more sleep? Last year, sleep deprivation was declared a public health problem in America, with 30 percent of adults getting fewer than […]

I know of only two ways of getting into Heaven. The first is to be perfect.  Sadly, I don’t know anyone to whom that word applies. When we come to […]

Exposing a Christmas myth

It has been appearing for years. It claims to tell the secret meaning behind the old English carol The Twelve Days of Christmas. But it is untrue. Balderdash.            Anti-Anglican propaganda. […]

November is almost here, which means the end of this year is fast approaching, and already some people are suggesting that we have lived through a horrible twelve months. Certainly […]

I know there are people who dismiss the present age as an age of godlessness, and who look backwards longingly to various periods of time when people practiced more religious […]